‘Bones’ recipe. Chocolate cookie for kids

‘Bones’ recipe. Chocolate cookie for kids

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The 'Bones', For those who do not know them, they are biscuit bars, type' waffle 'or' waffle ', filled with chocolate cream and dipped in dark chocolate. They are chocolates made for many years in Spain, and well known and desired by children.

It is a brand of one of the best known and most demanded crunchy chocolate bars by children. Surely your child will love making homemade 'bones', both for him dessert wave snack. They are also ideal for birthday parties. our site brings us the recipe, step by step. You dare?

  • 2 packages of 'waffle' type cookies
  • 1 jar of Nocilla or other cocoa cream (Nutella ...)
  • 100 gr. dark chocolate to melt

Tips: if you want you can also use hazelnut or peanut butter as fillings for cookies.

1- Separate the thin layers of the cookies and spread them with the chocolate cream, Nocilla or Nutella. You can use a butter knife or paintbrush.

2- As the cookies are spread, the layers can be mounted to the desired height.

3- When the cookies are all assembled, it is time to cover it with the chocolate.

4- Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie until it is about to spread.

5- Use the brush to completely cover each cookie.

6- To harden the chocolate, take the cookies to the fridge.

7- It is an ideal sweet for dessert or children's snack. Also for birthday parties.

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