Typical Latin grandmother recipes for children

Typical Latin grandmother recipes for children

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Grandmothers love to show off recipes handed down from generation to generation within a family. Grandmothers will always be the best cooks in the family, the ones who feed the taste memory.

Thus, has selected some homemade, traditional and typical recipes from Latin American countries. And who better than the grandmothers to make us relive the exquisite cuisine that will always be part of a family menu. We bring you delicious, easy and simple recipes, prepared by the latin grannies.

Huevos rancheros. Mexican recipe. How to make Mexican-style Huevos Rancheros for kids. our site teaches us to make an easy and simple recipe, and also rich and very healthy for children.

Fritters. Colombian recipe. Colombian Buñuelos recipe for children's snack. A recipe that is prepared in Colombia to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year holidays. our site offers us Latin American recipes. Colombian gastronomy. Traditional Colombian recipe.

Stuffed potatoes. Chilean recipe. Homemade recipe for potatoes stuffed with meat. Typical Chilean recipe for the whole family. If you want to know and get started in Chilean gastronomy with your children, our site gives you a very easy recipe that the little ones at home will love: potatoes stuffed with meat.

Fish ceviche. Peruvian recipe. Fish and shrimp ceviche recipe for children. On our site we tell you step by step how to prepare this Mexican recipe that the little ones will undoubtedly love.

Arepas stuffed with chicken and avocado. Chicken stuffed arepas recipe. A typically Venezuelan recipe for children and the whole family. our site teaches us how to make stuffed arepas, in an easy, simple and fast way.

Chilaquiles recipe. How to make chilaquiles with eggs for children. our site has prepared a homemade chilaquiles recipe for children and the whole family. Easy, fast and simple recipe to make.

Yuca pie recipe. If you want to learn how to make yuca empanadas, sucking your fingers, follow this recipe. An easy Peruvian recipe to make with children. Cassava empanadas stuffed with cheese. Traditional dish from Peru. Prepare step by step some yuca empanadas. our site has prepared one of the richest recipes in Peru.

Stuffed jalapeños recipe. If you want to try to make your children a traditional Mexican dish, our site brings you the recipe, step by step, of jalapeños stuffed with Cheddar cheese.

Nachos or tortilla chips with cheese. Homemade nachos or tortilla chips recipe with cheese. our site proposes an easy and quick Mexican recipe to make, for an aperitif or a meal with the children and the family.

Quinoa with Vegetables. Bolivian recipe. On our site we teach you how to prepare a delicious quinoa dish with vegetables, ideal to give the necessary contributions in the children's diet.

Empanada stuffed from Argentina. How to make an Argentine or Creole empanada step by step. Easy and traditional recipes for children. Argentine empanadas are an ideal recipe for a family meal, a birthday or an informal buffet.

Colombian sancocho. Sancocho is one of the most typical soup recipes in Colombia, so much so that its origin dates back years and years. It is an ideal dish to eat as a family, since it is healthy, nutritious and has many vitamins. It is one of the most popular soups in the kitchen in Colombia

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