Physical exercise makes children happier

Physical exercise makes children happier

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Today it is easier to find many children who choose to spend their free time surfing the Internet, watching television or playing the game console. By doing so, they are missing the opportunity that sports activities such as handball, basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis, etc. give us.

All of them sports that they offer us physical advantages and learning social "tools" that will promote the feeling of well-being. And it is that, ultimately, physical exercise makes children happier.

Exercising is something that can be done from an early age, it has great advantages on a physical and emotional level, and that is that physical exercise makes children happier. All of these factors do it:

- Children stay away from sedentary lifestyle. They reduce the time they spend on activities like watching TV.

- It promotes the creation and regulation of habits.

- Helps the mental development of children. It helps them learn motivational skills to achieve their goals in the future.

- They learn to follow and integrate rules. Respect for authority.

- It is a source of learning values.

- Promotes physical development and the qualitative increase of their motor skills.

- Promotes emotional development. It helps the formation of their identity and their self-esteem.

- Promotes social development with the learning of skills to relate.

- Prevention of obesity.

- Improve mood and school performance.

Between 3 and 5 years, the development of children's psychomotor skills begins. The exploratory behavior that children have at this age causes their movements previously learned through trial and error to evolve qualitatively, so it is not recommended that they specialize in a single sport so early.

It is recommended that children start doing physical activity as soon as possible. But it is important that we know that to introduce the child to the practice of physical exercise from an early age, it is always done through games, and always without forcing them. It is advisable to instill in them the practice of exercise as soon as possible but when they are young the main objective is to search for activities with a playful, entertaining and varied nature.

To create the habit of sports in children and to establish a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary that the transition from playing to a specific sport be done gradually and the stage in which the child is taken into account to be effective . Thus, according to the age of the child….

- From 0-6 years. The stage he is in allows him to enjoy all those so-called traditional games in which basic skills are developed and move away from the classic structure of sport.

- From 6 to 12 years old. At this stage, skills are developed in relation to objectives. They begin to seem like rules but with some flexibility.

- From 12 onwards. At this stage there are already specific rules that structure the activity.

It is beneficial for the child to try different sports. This is key when the child has to choose a sport. In addition, it is important that parents accompany him and do not choose for him. The objective is that the exercise adapts to the reality of each one.

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