Movies about parents and children to watch with children

Movies about parents and children to watch with children

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Funny films that teach us


This is the story of 4 couples who are about to become parents. Throughout the film, we get to see different personalities and ways of life, from a dance star to a book author. All couples go through different situations and experience pregnancy in different ways, but what they all have in common is the uncertainty that becoming a father for the first time brings.

The invention of Wayne Szalinski, a scientist who created a machine that shrinks objects, will create many problems when he accidentally shrinks Wayne's children. When this disaster occurs, the boys will have to cross their garden to return home, and in doing so, they will live a series of unparalleled adventures that will make them demonstrate their bravery and skill to get out of this mess. A film full of adventures and very entertaining.

Howard is a careless father who, thanks to his work addiction, spends very little time with his son Jamie. To make up for it, he promises the boy a very special gift for Christmas Day: a doll named Turboman. To achieve this, Howard will have to overcome various complications, since it is a very popular toy. What was initially a good intention on his part will turn into quite an odyssey, but Howard is stubborn and will not rest until he purchases the promised gift.

Baby Bink is a child from a privileged family who lives in a big city. One day the tranquility of the little boy and his family is threatened by being kidnapped by a trio of thieves posing as child photographers. Kidnappers will realize how difficult it is to take care of a baby. On the other hand Baby Bink will unknowingly escape from them and live a series of adventures, while exploring the city and his favorite places.

A famous American football player who lives a carefree life suddenly discovers that he has a 7-year-old daughter. At a time when your career is at its peak, you must learn to balance training, fame, and fortune with the responsibilities that come with being a parent. A nice and tender story, where the value of responsibility and family bond is demonstrated.

Daniel is the father of three beautiful children, for them, he is the best dad in the world, however his ex-wife does not think the same. After a hard separation, Daniel looks for a way to share more time with his children, this is how he comes up with the brilliant idea of ​​posing as an old lady, who will become a babysitter for the little ones and with whom he will share very funny moments. A very nice comedy that will get you more than one smile.

Billy is a boy whose father has insisted on putting him into boxing classes, however the boy is not very skilled in this sport. One day at the gym he was struck by the ballet class of Mrs. Wilkinson, a demanding woman with a difficult character, who encouraged him to develop in the discipline of dance. From that moment on, Billy will be fascinated by the world of ballet.

Mérida is a princess whose family one day decides that the time has come to find her a suitor and marry her off, without giving her any chance of decision. Not satisfied with the situation, she has a strong disagreement with her mother, which leads him to give her a magic potion that ends up turning her into a bear. Now Merida must break the spell and find a way to regain the bond she has lost with her mother.

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