From the frog test to the pregnancy test

From the frog test to the pregnancy test

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How easy it is to know if you are pregnant! Just by going to the pharmacy and buying a simple pregnancy test it is possible to know at home and in just a few minutes, if you are expecting a baby. But it is important to do the test well so as not to doubt the result and avoid doubts about whether you have done it well, because it can generate anguish and nervousness.

For the pregnancy test to work reliably, it is essential to choose well the day on which we do the test, since the pregnancy hormone is detected in the urine fifteen days after conceptionand not before. If we perform the test before the date, that is, before having a delay of at least one day, it is likely that the test will give us an unreliable result, that is, a false negative.

False negatives occur when the test is performed early. Pregnancy tests, which are sold at the pharmacy, detect the presence of the hormone hCG in the urine, which is only present in women who are pregnant. The test, which comes in the form of a stick or rod, contains antibodies that react in the presence of the pregnancy hormone.

The hCG level reaches a high point between weeks 7 and 12 of pregnancy. For this reason, if the result has been negative, but menstruation does not appear, it is surely not definitely negative and it is best to repeat the test after five or six days. However, if it is positive, you are surely pregnant, except in the case of ectopic embryos, which are those that occur outside the uterus, or anembryonated pregnancies (without an embryo) that raise the levels of the pregnancy hormone, but are not real pregnancies.

most of pregnancy tests are reliable from the first day of delay of the period. Therefore, if you take the test a few days after the first missed period and use the first urine in the morning, you can be more sure of the reliability of the result. And it is that the first urine in the morning, the one that appears after waking up, is the most concentrated and the test has the best chance of being positive if the pregnancy is recent. For this same reason, it is advisable that you also do not drink a lot of water before performing the test, since an abundant intake of liquid can dilute the hormone in the urine.

The great advantage, what I like the most, is that all tests obey the same principle. Simply place the test in a urine bottle and after three minutes, we can know the result. Far has been the frog test, which was carried out in the middle of the last century, whose results were not obtained until 24 hours after the woman's urine had been injected into the frog. Those 24 hours was the time it took to spawn. If he did, there was no question, the woman was pregnant.

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