Tips to keep working during pregnancy

Tips to keep working during pregnancy

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Although it involves some changes in the body and in the woman's state of mind, pregnancy is not a disease, and therefore It should not involve you in breaking your daily routine. Pregnancy should not be an obstacle for the woman to work, Unless you have a problem with your health and are forced to stay away from some activities.

As pregnancy progresses, it is natural for a woman's belly to increase in size and this condition makes it difficult to perform some tasks. Having to work for a long time sitting down is uncomfortable for anyone, and it is even more so for a woman who has a large belly ahead. So, It does not hurt to follow these tips to continue working during pregnancy.

Working comfortably in the work office is important so that the woman can feel good, and does not have to interrupt her work. That is why we list some recommendations so that she feels as comfortable as possible and does not have to stop working:

1- Although it seems difficult, it is necessary to maintain the posture. Sitting well, during work, is essential. If you work in front of a computer, put the chair closest to the keyboard, so you can maintain a straight position and avoid back pain. The chair should have a straight, padded back.

2- When you are not working, try to dedicate some time to physical exercises. Walking is a very beneficial habit to avoid circulation and joint problems. Yoga and hydro-gymnastics are highly recommended.

3- At home or at work you should eat a balanced diet to avoid gaining more kilos than is advisable. It is recommended that you eat something every 2 or 3 hours.

4- In your free hours, you should rest what you can. Sleep is essential.

5- Remember that each pregnancy must be experienced in its own way. Only the woman who is pregnant knows whether or not she can afford to do what is proposed to her at work. Do not compare your pregnancy with that of other women.

6- Be positive and don't be discouraged if one day you wake up with less energy and encouragement than another. Don't let heartbreak and exhaustion discourage you.

7- Do not let nausea affect the tranquility of your work. Have on hand some analgesic or antacids, recommended by your doctor.

8- Don't forget take short breaks from time to time, lift your legs every 15 minutes, to avoid discomfort such as swelling of the feet and ankles.

9- You should avoid tight and clingy clothes. The best thing is that you wear comfortable and loose clothing, safe shoes and with non-slip sole. This way you will avoid possible falls and slips. The medium compression elastic stockings can prevent the appearance of varicose veins during pregnancy.

10- Breathing is very important to relax the body and mind. Do not forget.

11- Avoid working near an air conditioner or heat source. You need to maintain a balance in your body temperature. If you follow these tips and watch the way you work, you can reach the eighth and up to the ninth month of pregnancy without having to abdicate your job. Then you will have more time to spend with your little one.

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