Parents' mistakes that lead to rich kid syndrome

Parents' mistakes that lead to rich kid syndrome

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The rich boy syndrome causes the little one to feel frustration, loss of motivation, anxiety ... And many times it is the parents themselves who, without realizing it, contribute to generating these problems.

We tell you what mistakes can you make in the education of your child that generate by little by little the call 'rich kid syndrome'.

Parents always want the best for their children and their efforts are always in pursuit of the happiness of the little ones. But they have to be careful since:

- Too much freedom It can lead to a lack of discipline and morale.

- Too much information at a wrong age it can disorient them.

- Excessive pressure to excel creates a lot of anxiety.

- Overprotection it gives them poor preparation to face the challenges of life.

To avoid making these mistakes, parents can:

1. Involve the child in real life. Explain the reason for day-to-day routines such as shopping, why you have to save, etc ... Always without giving more information than you understand and can process.

2. Avoid overprotection and help him deal with his own problems by giving him a series of responsibilities from an early age.

3. Avoid extreme freedom since we can create in them lack of discipline.

4. Do not always reward them with material things. It's okay to do it once in a while and it's not usual

5. Teach them to value what they have.

It is a disorder that he acquires according to the education he receives from his parents. It is not a direct consequence of growing up in a wealthy family environment, but of having been treated and educated, having everything you have wanted, and of having been pampered, pampered and spoiled throughout your life.

It is very normal to see parents, rich or not, who make up as best they can, the lack of time and attention by buying and giving away everything their children want, without limits. They are children of parents who pressure their children in some way to stand out from others because of the excess of material things. In the long run, this phenomenon ends up affecting the child's self-esteem.

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