Firefly. Children's poem about animals

Firefly. Children's poem about animals

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Luciérnaga is a short poem for children written by Gonzalo Ramos Aranda, a beautiful children's poem about animals dedicated to fireflies. Through these verses the children will be able to imagine how they fly and illuminate at night.

A poem full of metaphors and comparisons that will help elementary school children learn about figures of speech. And it is that, through poems children can learn and make their imagination fly.

Through these verses, the author makes us imagine what a firefly is like, a short poem for children to learn about animals.

Firefly, wandering light,
in the night that wanders,
with the moon, with the stars,
you look like one of them.

Rayito, bug, firefly,
of that forest you are pride,
lamp that embroiders the sky,
energy, limpid longing.

Candileja,. radiance,
wings, rattlesnake, glare,
match that is flying,
quickie gift of command.

Little lamp that you turn on,
fascinating, do you understand me?
clarity is your mantle,
light me up in the meantime.

Little light bulb, that flickers,
the sparkle that distills,
night glow of love,
sparkle, sparkle, splendor.

Primary lighting,
traffic light, luminaire,
little candle that goes, that comes
that, in the wind, entertains.

Little lightning of the world,
sun for a second,
I want to extend your focus,
that I love you,. slowly.

Author: Gonzalo Ramos Aranda

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