El Guay visits Anabel. Children's story about happiness

El Guay visits Anabel. Children's story about happiness

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Stories are very useful in childhood. Children not only learn more vocabulary, they also learn about the environment and stimulate their imagination, it also helps them detect emotions and feelings through the stories they read.

In the story El Guay visits AnabelWe are faced with the feelings that a girl has with the arrival of her new little brother and how, a little pixie helps her feel happiness and excitement. A children's story about happiness to read with children.

When the red-nosed cool guy woke up he knew that something good was happening at Anabel's house and, He went to visit her so that she could tell him why she was so happy.

Anabel is a five-year-old girl and today she feels very happy. He has told the cool guy that his parents are coming home today with Nicolás, his new little brother. She is looking forward to meeting you, her grandmother Luisa has told her that she looks a lot like her when she was little, she has a round face and slanted eyes.

The first days it will be a bit tedious to have Nicolás at home, his mother has told him, because his little brother will spend almost all the time sleeping, crying and eating but he will have to be patient, since in a short time, Nicolás will grow up and be able to play with him as much as she wants and, if she wishes, he can help her take care of the baby and watch her sleep.

That is why the two of them have decided to decorate the house to welcome their little brother. They have inflated many colored balloons and hung them from the ceiling of the room and, excitedly, Anabel has written with a blue marker on the white wall in very large letters:

When Nicolás finally arrived home, when she saw him, Anabel covered her face and exclaimed: Ooooh, how small he is!

Anabel's mother also covered her face and exclaimed: Ooooh! When she saw the painted wall of the room, but immediately she hugged the girl very tightly.

The cool guy, with a swollen and red nose, as he always does when he feels very happy, he has said goodbye to Anabel promising to return.

And when night fell and the moon came, the cool guy fell asleep as usual, suspended upside down in the air and very happy.

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