The 10 most popular names in Colombia

The 10 most popular names in Colombia

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If you are looking for a popular name in Colombia, these are the names that Colombian fathers and mothers use most frequently to put your children, both boys and girls.

In Colombia, many parents decide to give their children two names, sometimes some of them are in memory of a relative or a dear friend, others prefer popular names and some try to find those that are rare, different or very little known.

If you are looking for apopular name in ColombiaThese are the ones that Colombian fathers and mothers use most frequently to put their sons. As you can see, Carlos Alberto is in third place, just like in the list of the 10 most popular names in Argentina.

  1. Juan Carlos
  2. Andres Felipe
  3. Charles Albert
  4. Alexander
  5. Diego Fernando
  6. Carlos andres
  7. Juan David
  8. Sebastian
  9. Juan Camilo
  10. Luis Fernando

Colombian parents also mostly choose to give their daughters two names and the name Sandra is one of the most popular, although they combine it in different ways.

  1. Sandra Milena
  2. Carolina
  3. Daniela
  4. Paola Andrea
  5. Paula Andrea
  6. Marine Light
  7. Claudia patricia
  8. Luisa Fernanda
  9. Valentina
  10. Sandra Patricia

We tell you 5 sources of inspirations that parents have when looking for and choosing a name for their baby:

  1. Classic and traditional names. There are parents who like to preserve traditions by choosing a more classic name for their baby. For example, names that are used a lot in the family, names of a lifetime.
  2. Famous and popular names. There are parents who love to name a famous person, a celebrity or a very popular person, to their baby. Names of singers, Hollywood actors, painters, etc.
  3. Saint names, religious or biblical names. Saint names are a very safe source when looking for a baby name. There are countries, like Spain, that tend to use them more than others.
  4. Special names. There are countries where parents decide to name their baby with a special meaning. Names, for example, related to numerology, astrology, etc.
  5. Thematic names. There are parents who choose a name related to nature, to the names of countries, cities, inspired by the stars, flowers, or even feelings such as love.

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