Learn to draw a whale. Drawings for children

Learn to draw a whale. Drawings for children

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Drawings have multiple benefits for children, improve their motor skills, help them relax and encourage their creativity. Encourage your child to draw this cute whale At the bottom of the sea, you can also draw some fish to accompany it. A fun activity that will let your imagination run wild!

To make this drawing All you need is a sheet of paper, a black marker and a blue marker. You can also use some colors to fill in the whale, that will depend on each person. The steps to follow to draw a whale are:

1. To begin, with your black marker, draw an arc as if it were a mountain. Then draw another curved line at the bottom.

2. From the curved line, draw a bigger one a little lower, without closing the line at the end. In this way we will have the body of our whale. Then draw two curves on the back of the body.

3. Draw two more curves to complete your whale's tail. Continue drawing a circle in the middle of the figure to make its eye.

4. Fill in the eye with your black marker and circle the side of your whale to make a few bubbles.

5. Finally, draw a curve like a fin in the central part of the drawing and fill in the bubbles with blue marker

This is the end result, a super simple whale to make and very beautiful!

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