Create an origami butterfly. Crafts for kids

Create an origami butterfly. Crafts for kids

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Origami It is a Japanese art that consists of folding the paper in such a way that we create various figures of all kinds. This time we show you how to make a fun craft, with which the little ones will learn to make a beautiful origami butterfly.

In addition to stimulating your creativity, origamiwill stimulate children's concentration and it will help them coordinate their fine motor skills. Encourage your child to create, play and have fun by making this origami butterfly in just a few steps.


  • 1 square sheet of paper.

1. Fold a sheet of paper in half, joining one corner to another. Later repeat this step with the other two corners of our square.

2. Bring our four corners to the center of the square and mark the folds.

3. We turn our sheet of paper over and fold each of its corners back to the center.

4. We turn our sheet and unfold it completely.

5. We make a fold towards the center of our sheet until we reach the center and we do the same with the opposite side.

6. We open the upper part of the sheet according to the folds that we had marked. Then we mark a new downward fold, creating a firm similar to the roof of a house.

7. We repeat the previous step but with the lower part of our sheet. Next we join our two folds.

8. We fold one of the corners of our figure down to form a triangle and do the same with the other corner.

9. Let's vote for our sheet and fold it in half.

10. We mark a small fold right in the middle of the figure, on one side and then on the other.

11. We turn our butterfly over and identify the fold we made earlier.

12. Since we have identified our fold, we mark it again by folding the butterfly in half, first on the left side and then on the right.

This is our bottom line. You like?

Video: Easy origami cute butterfly only with 12x6cm paper (August 2022).