The adventure of having a sleepwalking child

The adventure of having a sleepwalking child

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I remember as a child how in a movie there was a woman who would wake up sleepwalking through the house and find a door in her house that was not there when she was awake. Through the door she discovered new people and more rooms, but she could only enter through it when she was asleep. That had a great impact on me, and I remember that, in those years, being a sleepwalker was something that was perceived with great concern on the part of parents.

My mother spoke in her dreams, and I loved hearing what she said, although it almost never made sense; in the morning he didn't remember anything. Currently, one of my twin daughters is a sleepwalker, and the other is not, so I don't think it's hereditary. In any case, having a sleepwalking child is quite an adventure.

The one who is a sleepwalker is a restless ass that does not stop neither day nor night; she turns so many times between the sheets that we have ever had to rescue her from the mummy effect. It also has other peculiarities such as: being more emotionally immature, occasionally peeing in bed at almost 7 years old, and snores like a brown bear at night, which prevents it from fully resting; that is to say, the complete sleepwalker manual.

The first time we saw her get up, we thought she was awake and wanted to pee, since there is no night that she doesn't get up a couple of times to go to the bathroom, much to the dismay of my husband, who is the one who notices the situation because I normally sleep like I've been hit in the head with a hammer.

So, the poor thing got up every night to take her to the bathroom, because despite passing in front of the bathroom door, she comes directly to our room. However, one of the days when I woke up, I saw the girl standing next to our bed looking at us with wide eyes, not doing or saying anything, she was just looking at us. He had come as a ghost and there he had stayed. With my hair like spikes, I woke up my husband and said quietly: "Honey, look at the girl, I think she's a sleepwalker, because otherwise it is giving me a very bad feeling ”. As if it were a specter, he stared at us without making any gesture; We asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom but he didn't hear us, or at least he didn't answer. In the end we decided to sit her down to pee, and when she finished she quietly went to bed. The next day he did not remember anything.

This episode is repeated more or less once a week, always the same, although there are times when he comes running and stands in front of us to tell us anything incomprehensible of the kind: I have already put the earrings on the cat; or dad I have my feet turned upside down. I can assure you that it gives a tremendous repel, but they have assured us that there is nothing dangerous in it, apart from the fact that it can give us a cardiac arrest of fright.

The doctor told us that it was very common in children between 4 and 7 years old, and that it used to happen in adolescence. He recommended us not to wake her up so as not to scare her, although the myth that she can die of fright when she wakes up is not true, it is also advisable to clear the path that she travels to avoid falls, take her back to her bed, and close the doors with a lock, it was not Unless he changed course and wanted to go pee in the neighbor's bathroom. Otherwise everything he does and what he says is quite comical, so almost every night we have a guaranteed show, although my husband would prefer that I wake up from time to time and not always him.

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