4 applications of cold as a health strategy for children

4 applications of cold as a health strategy for children

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Cold is a health strategy for children, a very useful, simple and accessible way to combat certain pathologies. Sometimes it is used together with drugs or other therapies and its application is essential for the improvement of some injuries.

Therapeutic cold can help reduce swelling in a blow, can treat injuries or even reduce brain damage in newborns. We tell you what 4 cold applications are really effective in children and adults.

Along with other types of therapies, doctors sometimes recommend applying cold after a blow. However, the cold not only serves to reduce inflammation, it is also very useful in other pathologies, it is a health strategy for children:

1- Application of local ice in traumatic injuries. This resource is well known. After having suffered a blow, the application of ice reduces the inflammation, with which and secondarily also partially relieves the pain. This effect occurs because the cold tends to constrict the blood vessels and reduce the edema of the injury. The application of ice must be done indirectly on the skin, to prevent it from burning; Between the ice and the skin there should be an intermediate surface such as cloths or towels. Nowadays there are cold gel devices with an external cover designed for this purpose. The ice should be applied for about 20-30 minutes after the blow, either continuously or intermittently, with breaks of 5-10 minutes.

2- Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen to treat skin lesions. Liquid nitrogen in contact with the skin induces a cold burn. It is a widely used strategy for treating injuries such as plantar warts (commonly known as papilloma).

3- Hypothermia to reduce brain damage in newborn children. Although its modus operandi is unknown, it seems that reducing the temperature in the entire newborn (or only in the baby's head), achieves a reduction in the metabolism of neurons. And, derived from this fact, the brain injury triggered in certain situations of hypoxia (low oxygen) and acidosis is reduced. There are specific units that have specific devices that safely cool the baby.

4- Cold and food health. The cold guarantees the wholesomeness of food. In the hottest seasons, we have to be especially careful with the storage of certain foods, such as minced meat, raw or undercooked eggs, and foods with sauces. The loss of the cold chain can lead to the appearance of infections by some bacteria, such as Salmonella or Campylobacter.

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