Why Parents Shouldn't Be Friends With Their Children

Why Parents Shouldn't Be Friends With Their Children

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Many times the relationship between parents and children can be complicatedIn the past, overly authoritarian methods were used in raising children, which has made education today a 360 degree turn and is now based on a much closer and informal relationship, but which can often have the risk of being too permissive and end up exceeding the limits, that is why parents should not be friends with their children.

Doctor Eduard Estivill assures that the friendship between parents and children does not work and tells us about a specific case. “Many moms, especially when their daughters reach adolescence, tell you:“ I am my daughter's best friend ”, this is a mistake, you cannot be a friend, the concept of friend for a teenager is someone who is confidant, who can explain everything. The mother has to follow the role of being a mother ”.

This is how parents have to draw the line between being too condescending, without being too strict. This is achieved from a young age when they are taught a good education that will allow a stable relationship between parents and children, based on respect, trust and affection.

Parents should not be friends with their children since the main problem with this is that when it is intended to establish a relationship between equals, the adult tries to put on the same level as the child and this can confuse him, it generates doubts and as a consequence the adult completely loses control over him.

As Dr. Estivill mentions, it is much better to spend half an hour a day dining with the family, sharing experiences and talking, than 3 hours sitting in front of the television without saying a word. If we encourage this type of communication from an early age, when the boy or girl reaches adolescence will have the ability to communicate their problems to their parents, but always leaving very clear a father or mother figure who will be able to listen and support them without losing authority.

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