Complaining at home is prohibited. Family complaints

Complaining at home is prohibited. Family complaints

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There are people who complain, complain and grumble about everything from the time they get up to the time they go to sleep. Complaining is an attitude that is first learned at home, with parents who come home complaining about work, traffic ... that they cannot sleep until later, about the food that he or she has gone wrong, about the household chores, lack of money ... but they do not roll up their sleeves for nothing, that is, they do nothing to improve things around them. A rule that we must impose at home: Forbidden to complain, if you don't like something, improve it.

There are people who waste a lot of time complaining instead of looking for a solution. Who has not lived at work with someone who grumbles all the time? Having such a person by your side, day by day, is torture, it is like having a stone in your shoe. Imagine yourself at home! Surely someone in your family complains more than the others. In my house, we have put a rule long ago: Complaining is prohibited. If you don't like it, make it better. Of course, that does not forbid us to disagree or not to oppose. Of course we can protest, argue ... but the complaint, in a merely negative tone, without solutions ... nothing at all!

How is a complainer born? Well, I think it comes especially from the example you have at your side, from your father, your mother, your partner, etc. Then I think of impotence or fear. It is easier to complain than to find a way out, than to face a situation for which you think you are not prepared or capable of doing it.

And why is it convenient to end complaints? I think that the complaint does not lead anywhere, it does not solve anything. What's more, it can make us negative, dull, discouraged, self-centered, ungrateful, and overly demanding. And worst of all, to an always frustrated person. I am of the opinion that who seeks, finds. If you are all the time looking only for what is wrong, you will find it. However, better to look for the good, right?

What to do so that the complaint is not a vice in your home? There are many ideas to keep complaining or complaints from being a habit in the family. Follow some:

1. Be an example for your children. If you are complaining about everything all the time, first change that attitude. Without that, it will be difficult to convince your children not to complain. The change starts with you. You have to control yourself.

2. Involve your child in housework, according to the ability and ability you have. Children who are responsible for ordering toys, organizing their room, setting or clearing the table, folding clean clothes, drying dishes, carrying the garbage bag, buying bread, etc., will give much more value to what they they all do.

3. Teach your child to acknowledge and thank because of what it has, and I'm not just talking about material things. Having a family should also be included in your gratitude.

4. Control the complaining attitude (claim without solution), of your children, with a 'game'. Put a piggy bank somewhere in the house and determine that every time someone makes a complaint, without seeking or presenting a solution, they must put a coin in the piggy bank. Before, you must arrange the amount. When the piggy bank is full, the money can be donated to a charity.

5. Avoid giving your child a lot of free time. Excess free time is dangerous, where there is a void, negativity will appear to fill it. This does not mean that children have to always be doing something, but it is important that they are aware of the free time they have and fill it with positive activities.

6. Encourage your child to play a sport. Sport is an activity that will teach you to compete, to overcome, to work as a team, etc. The same happens with music, dance, they are activities that work the emotional.

7. Teach him that no one wants to be around a person who is always complaining. That it is important to take care of what we transmit to others. That we gain much more by being positive.

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