Tricks to calm children when they have been injured

Tricks to calm children when they have been injured

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Every kid is a world; There are those who get up instantly, suck the blood from the wound and run away; Others, however, are the kind that the world falls on them: they cry, scream, kick, yell, or are not even able to show you the wound.

Pain is necessary in order to survive. It is an indication that something is wrong in our body and without it our life would be much more complicated and shorter. However, it is the nervous system and our mind that are in charge of interpreting that message, which is why there are so many different pain tolerances.

If the blood has not reached the river and it is only a scratch, the best we can do is to distract our child with a game and quickly forget the pain. This and other tricks that we give you on our site will help you calm children when they have hurt themselves.

- Keep calm. It is impossible to calm children when they get hurt if you are the one screaming, you have run to their rescue before the child has even reached the ground, and you have torn your clothes because you have seen a scratch with three drops of blood. Children respond to our reactions, so bring out your best smile and play down the issue, you will pass out later when I don't see you.

- Cure healthy frog ass, if it doesn't heal today it will heal tomorrow. This is a magic phrase here and in China. Any father in the world knows what this spell is to pronounce and the pain disappears completely. Of course, it only works with the little ones.

- Pampering and loving words. Sometimes the fall is the least of it, but the child has an excuse to demand all the attention, so take advantage! Give me pampering and kisses to mansalva, soon he will be ashamed until you say goodbye to him in public. And, of course, do not scold him even if you have been telling him all afternoon, what a good scare he has already taken.

- To cross fingers. This remedy, which seems more to prevent than to cure, is a real effect proven in an experiment carried out by the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience in London. Although it may seem incredible, it was proven that, when someone hurt a limb, it was enough to cross that limb to confuse the brain, thereby reducing pain. It's a shame we don't have two heads ...

- Sing him a song that he likes or put on his favorite song to calm him down. One study revealed that our favorite music activates the pleasure centers and produces an anesthetic effect, although personally, I believe that this should not work with heavy metal.

- Tell him that pain serves something positive. This remedy is for when songs and easy tricks don't work. Normally pain is experienced as something negative, however, if we think that pain is a symptom of the wound healing, that it is good that it hurts to know what is wrong, it seems that we feel more satisfied with it and we cope better .

- Let him scream at ease. Psychology professor Richard Stephens did a study that revealed that when we curse or swear, we cope better with pain. In the case of our children, it is not advisable to let them insult the first to pass, but we can let them scream at ease; for once he has an excuse.

- Finally, distract him with something else. My grandmother had one of the funniest and most materialistic tricks I have ever seen, but it really worked between the ages of three and five: when we fell, and you woke up crying, my grandmother said: “look for the coin, look for the coin, which you carried in your hand ”; And I looked for her like a fool, although it always seemed strange to me because I did not remember carrying any coin in my hand; yes, then my grandmother ended up taking out the coin, in compensation, lest we now cry because we had lost a coin.

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