Children's ear care in the pool

Children's ear care in the pool

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When the kids go to the pool it is very common to get an ear infection called otitis; When it makes its appearance, it is accompanied by inflammation, pain and even fever. To avoid this type of infection, Dr. Gracia Aránguez, explains to us what are the ear care for children in the pool that parents should have to prevent ear infections.

1- The child should not go to the pool if he has a cold or any respiratory tract infection. The most important thing is that it is healthy and in perfect condition.

2- In cold weather, we must avoid taking children out immediately after being in the pool, since the difference in temperature between the pool and the outside can facilitate an infection. The transition must be gradual and wait for the appropriate time.

3- When you get out of the water, dry the ear perfectly welleven in summer. How can we do it? It is very simple, the child must carry his head from one side to the other so that the duct is free of water, thus we will avoid that it remains stagnant and causes infections. Likewise, it is advisable to dry your head very well and avoid going out with humidity.

If your child complains of any ear discomfort, you should wait a few days before allowing him to return to swimming. Specifically, if you have contracted otitis, you must wait 48 hours until after the infection is over, so you can get back into the pool.

Likewise, you must take your precautions if the child has serous otitis (presence of fluid in the eardrum), since if he suddenly gets into the water, the difference in pressure that he has to equalize will not be able to do, and that will cause him pain and a more complicated otitis in the future.

As long as you keep all the children's ear care in the pool, the children will be able to enjoy a pleasant time, common sense is the main thing, avoiding dives or sudden pressure changes will be essential in these cases.

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