How to test the force of a balloon. Experiment for children

How to test the force of a balloon. Experiment for children

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If you want to do some kind of activity with your child to stimulate their creativity and increase their knowledge, you can start with this series of experiments with balloons.

In this experiment for children you will learn to check the strength of a balloon, capable of lifting weight with a simple change in temperature. A very

  • 1 balloon
  • 1 candle
  • 1 wide tupper
  • 1 crystal glass
  • Water

Tip: Take the balloon very carefully from the tupperware so that the glass does not fall.

1. Fill a wide tupperware with water and light a candle.

2. Heat the inside of a crystal glass with the fire of the candle.

3. Place the glass at the end opposite the balloon knot.

4. Put the glass in the tupper with water for a few seconds. If you carefully stretch the knot of the balloon you will see how the glass has been joined like a suction cup.

The flame of the candle heats the glass and by covering the glass with the balloon the heat is maintained. When we put the glass in the water the pressure decreases and the balloon enters the vessel holding on to him.

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