Activities incompatible with pregnancy

Activities incompatible with pregnancy

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Pregnancy does not have to prevent us from leading an absolutely normal life, as long as we have a healthy life. Eating well, working inside and outside the home, taking care of ourselves and ours, and even doing physical exercise is part of the normal thing.

Regular physical exercise for the pregnant woman is highly recommended, it provides benefits for both the baby and the mother, helps to control weight, maintain a good physical condition and acts positively on the mood. However, hThere are certain activities that are totally incompatible with pregnancy.

However, although this is a reality for most pregnant women, it has to be according to the physical form that the woman previously has, the evolution of her pregnancy, the type of activity and especially the controlled development of her laying in practice. A pregnant woman can never reach exhaustion or must practice dangerous sports for her new state.

We have to take into account that there are activities that, although they are healthy without being pregnant, should be abandoned when we are looking for a pregnancy or when we know that we are pregnant.

The level of demands of some physical activities, especially when they are exercised in a professional way, require an extra effort on the woman's body that exceeds the limits of a healthy pregnancy or even can prevent conception or implantation of the embryo in the uterus.

Those women who practice contact sports, horseback riding or diving, competitive athletes or professional dancers they must temporarily abandon their physical activity when they want to be mothers or at least lower the required rhythm a lot, since they are activities incompatible with pregnancy.

Seeking motherhood in these cases, is a stop and inn where you can also grow professionally, not because of the exercise of the profession, but because of the new perspective that pregnancy or maternal desire produces.

Being a mother is also an important profession from which we all have to learn and which will enrich us in other relevant facets of our lives.

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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