Funny and funny children's poems

Funny and funny children's poems

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Poems stimulate children's imagination, help them learn vocabulary, know their surroundings, think and ask questions about things. But that's not all, besides Poems can be hilarious and make kids laugh like a comic.

You doubt it? On our site we present a selection of children's and funny poems that will put a smile on the faces of children and adults. The hilarious stories of its protagonists told through the verses will seem very funny.

These funny nursery rhymes They will help you to encourage your children's taste for reading, as they will hook them and want to read many more.

The snail Babacol. On our site we suggest that you read funny children's poems with your children. The poetry the snail Babacol tells the funny story of a small snail blown by the wind.

The shadow of the wasp. We suggest that you read with your children The Shadow of the Wasp, a funny poem for children that tells a funny story: a little wasp that fell into a watering can while its shadow was left watching, what will happen to them?

The tooth fairy. We suggest that you read with your children one of the adventures that the little mouse Pérez lived one night. A funny poem for children. Funny poems for children about characters.

The fish want to sing. We suggest you read with your children Fish want to sing, a funny poem for children. It is a poem that mixes stanzas of traditional children's songs with other stories, in this way this original children's poetry is composed.

The merry-go-round. El carousel is an original poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that, in addition to entertaining and entertaining children, will help them learn a lot of things: rhyming, different names of people, what a carousel is like, about different animals ...

The cow and the fly. The cow and the fly is an original poetry by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that helps us to promote a taste for reading in children. They are funny children's poems that arouse interest in reading.

The horse with skates. A very funny poetry to read with children and thus stimulate the taste for reading poems. The Horse with Skates is a fun poem for children that children will enjoy reading with.

The crocodile excursion. This short poem: The Crocodile Excursion tells the adventures of a group of crocodiles who embark on a trip through the jungle. A fun poetry for children that tells a story. Tales in verse for children.

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