Home care when a child is sleepwalking

Home care when a child is sleepwalking

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When my brother was five years old, I heard him wandering around the house at about midnight. I got out of bed and went to see what was going on, and I was really surprised when she walked over to the corner of the room and started peeing. When he finished he turned around and went back to his bed, the next day it seemed incredible to me that he did not remember anything that happened.

Since it is common for them to walk without awareness of what they are doing, What care should be taken at home when a child is a sleepwalker?

My brother had episodes of sleepwalking until he was 14 years old, and it was quite a spectacle to see what he did every night: he would dress and undress, he would come talk to me and say incoherent things to me, or he would go to the refrigerator without opening it and I was going back to bed. It became the main topic of the breakfast conversations between the family with the corresponding laughs and he loved that we told him.

These episodes are not something strange among children, between 20 and 30% of children between 4 and 8 years old suffer them, with a frequency that varies in each child, and that can reach up to three times a week.

It is not known what the cause is, although doctors point out that it is usually more frequent in hyperactive children, who do not know how to handle anxiety, with problems to rest, with sleep apnea, or in periods in which children have anxiety or are more tired.

1- The first thing to know is that there are many myths about the dangers of waking them up, but they are not true. There is nothing wrong with waking them up, although as this happens during deep sleep, it is difficult to wake them up and the child may be disoriented, scared and feel lost and ashamed, which is an undesirable practice. You just have to lead him to bed again and tell him that he has finished what he had to do.

2- It is advisable to be cautious clearing the room of objects that could hurt you: toys, rugs, furniture corners ...

3- Closing the doors and windows is essential, as there are cases in which children have been able to open doors and leave their homes. Also, even if their eyes are open, they don't really see, but in their dreams they have their own image of the place, which is why they are often confused, just like my brother peed in the living room thinking it was the bathroom.

3- Be careful with stairs. It is convenient to put a door so that they cannot fall through them. Don't let him sleep on top of a bunk, either.

4- A very useful recommendation is to put a bell on the bedroom door so that when the child comes out it sounds and wakes us up.

5- When a child is sleepwalking, maintain sleep routines of at least 8 hours.

6- Stay calm, it will most likely pass when you reach adolescence.

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