The importance of dental fluoridation in children

The importance of dental fluoridation in children

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If we are talking about the care of teeth in childhood, it is very important to consider various options to prevent tooth problems. One of the most common methods to avoid oral deterioration is dental fluoridation in children, which will act as a protective agent and prevent diseases such as cavities.

Fluorine is an element of nature, which we can find in some foods, such as chicken, fish, some fruits and even vegetables. Also in some drinking water tanks you can see this mineral compound, but you may wonder, what is the importance of dental fluoridation in children?

Children often consume foods that can be harmful to their dental health, including sweets or soft drinks, which, thanks to their high sugar content, cause bacteria in the mouth to turn into acids and deteriorate the enamel of the teeth. teeth, this is how cavities are born.

To prevent this type of problem, Gustavo Camañas, a dentist, explains the role of dental fluoridation in children. “Fluoride is a large-scale varnish that will prevent the acid caused by plaque bacteria from entering inside the tooth and cause a cavity, let's say that the fluoride is going to be a shield ”.

Fluoridation is a procedure in which a little varnish is put on the child's teeth, usually it is of an artificial flavor, such as strawberry or peach, and it is left to act for approximately 4 minutes. Yes, lThe indicated age to perform this type of treatment is from 6 years and the amount of varnish to be applied will depend on each patient.

Likewise, the dentist assures that in today's society and especially in developed countries, the water already contains fluoride, so we do not have to worry about giving many supplements of this element to children. Of course, if necessary, an expert can be consulted about the treatment and whether it is suitable for the patient in question.

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