5 weeks pregnant

5 weeks pregnant

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You are in the fifth week of pregnancy. The changes in your body are still not perceptible to the people around you, but a baby grows and develops within you. In this new stage of your life, a 40-week journey awaits you in which you will experience endless changes and sensations. Here you will find very useful information and a few tips for week 5 of pregnancy.

Some women are aware of the changes that are taking place in their body from the first weeks of pregnancy, however, a pregnancy test will be necessary to determine that you are pregnant and there is a baby growing inside you.

One of the first changes that occur in your body in week 5 of pregnancy is the amenorrhea or no period. Also, you may feel sensitive and breast pain.

During this stage of pregnancy you may also notice that you are more tired and fatigued. Some pregnant women even suffer from the discomfort caused by vomiting and dizziness in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Another of the symptoms of pregnancy is the sensation of swelling in the breasts, and even pain in the breasts, this is due to the increased production of estrogens and progesterone, hormones responsible for the flow of blood to the breasts. The breasts that prepare to feed the baby during its first months.

It is still too early for you to notice that your abdomen has grown, although you may feel that your usual clothes are tightening you more than a few weeks ago.

In week 5 of pregnancy, the embryo measures between 2 and 3 millimeters and it is already looking like a baby. Little by little the tail that distinguished it little from other mammals has disappeared and the neural tube that later will be the vertebral column is being formed. At this stage of pregnancy, her arms and feet have started to form.

The placenta it will be your home throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy, there you will live surrounded by amniotic fluid, whose function is to protect the embryo.

The embryo's brain is developing, as well as its entire central nervous system. It still has a long road of growth and development. The placenta will be your home throughout the nine and a half months of gestation.

If you have not had a preconception visit with your gynecologistYou must make an appointment to confirm your pregnancy and begin the different tests and visits. Your first trimester ultrasound will be scheduled around week 12 of gestation. The different analytics will allow the professionals who follow your pregnancy to determine if everything is going well or if a specific treatment is necessary.

The first weeks of pregnancy are crucial for the proper development of the baby, therefore, doctors recommend not drinking alcohol during the entire pregnancy. Also, you should avoid tobacco as studies show that children of smoking mothers are more nervous and restless, and may even suffer from respiratory disorders.

Some studies show that folic acid taken before pregnancy and during the first few weeks reduces the risk of premature labor or delivery of a baby with brain defects. Your midwife or gynecologist will recommend taking this supplement.

You can start now, in the fifth week of pregnancy to eat a healthy diet, it is beneficial for both you and the baby's development. The best diet will be one that contains the essential nutrients your body needs and provides the correct balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins without too many calories.

The role of calcium will be essential from the beginning of pregnancy. Calcium will help form the baby's teeth and bones and will also be beneficial for you. A lack of calcium in your pregnant diet will cause the embryo to consume your calcium resources in order to develop. Your diet should not be missing 1000 milligrams of calcium a day.

It is also important that you introduce other nutrients like iron. Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen to all the cells of your body and your baby and prevents anemia. You should take between 27 and 30 milligrams a day of iron. The foods that contain this iron contribution are: meats, legumes or nuts.

Do not forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and to take fruit every day, especially that which is rich in fiber, as it will help you fight constipation during pregnancy.

You are in the fifth week of pregnancy, do you feel anxious to tell everyone that you are pregnant? It is a decision that you will have to make yourself or with your partner. Some women tell it at the same time they see the positive in the pregnancy test and others prefer to wait until the 12th week of pregnancy, since the first three months there is a greater risk of spontaneous abortion.

You may already notice tension in your breasts and that they have even increased in size. You can start thinking about buying a new bra, preferably without underwire and made of cotton.

In these first weeks, the first fears of pregnancy may arise: will my baby be healthy? When should I go to the hospital? Will I have a good delivery? ... Don't worry, it is totally normal to feel sensitive and afraid of this new experience, you could even cry for things that did not cause this feeling before.

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