Ten boy names with the most powerful meanings

Ten boy names with the most powerful meanings

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Have you not chosen the name of your future child yet? Perhaps these ten proposals for children's names that we propose on our site can help you in this difficult decision.

If there is one thing that all mothers and fathers want, it is for our children to grow up strong. The names that we propose, although they have very different and disparate origins, have something in common: their meaning. All of them allude to or symbolize strength and power. They are children's names with the most powerful meanings.

Some of these names are used all over the world, others, however, are very original and at the same time unknown, and their use is unusual.

1- Arthur: It is a name of Celtic origin that means 'strong as a bear', it also means 'Guardian of the Bear'. The character of European literature, ‘King Arthur’ is an icon of this name. It also appears in Latin literature, although with greater prominence.

2- Gabriel: means 'the strength and power of God'. It is a biblical name of Hebrew origin. In other languages ​​they have different variants. For example, in Arabic Gibán is used, in Hungarian Gábor, in Russian Gavrila is used. Its female variants are Gabriela or Gabriella. Among the prominent personalities we find the Colombian journalist and writer Gabriel García Márquez.

3- Henry: is a name of Germanic origin. It means ‘strong, rich, and powerful house’. It is the variant of Enrique. It is a very popular name and its use is very widespread among different royal houses.

4- Medardo: means 'bold in power'. The origin of this name is Saxon. We can highlight among the personalities that are called thus: the Ecuadorian poet, Medardo Ángel Silva, the Spanish writer Medardo Fraile or the Argentine painter Medardo Pantoja, among others.

5- July: is a name of Latin origin. This name means 'he who is strong from the roots'. It comes from Iulius: the son of Aeneas. Among the variants we find Julián or Juliano. Among the personalities that are called Julio, we highlight the Roman politician and military Julio César, the French writer Julio Verne or the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.

6- Leo: This boy's name means 'strong as a lion'. This name is a variant of the name of Latin origin León. Her feminine variant is Lea. The actors Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem named their first child Leo, as did the singer Raquel del Rosario, the actress Cayetana Guillén, and the presenter Jaime Cantizano and the popularity of this name has skyrocketed.

7- Wildman: Like Leo, this name also has a Latin origin and means 'powerful'. The emperor of the Roman Empire Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanic stands out.

8- Onan: means 'power' is a name of Hebrew origin. It is a character that appears in the Bible, in the book of Genesis. He was the second son of Judah.

9- Rowing: means 'the one who is strong'. It comes from the Latin Remus. It is the name of one of the founders of Rome, along with Romulus. The Hindu dancer and choreographer Remo D’Souza and the Italian actor Remo Remotti stand out with this name.

10- Ucal: the origin of this name is Hebrew and means 'mighty'. It is not a very common name. It is used preferably in Israel.

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