Helping Clueless Children Focus

Helping Clueless Children Focus

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A moved and restless child is not the same as a clueless child. Starting from this premise, we are talking about absent-minded children, who are very frequently distracted, who find it much more difficult to concentrate. All this makes them learn more slowly. Do you know how you can help them?

A child who does not exercise concentration when studying will have much more trouble assimilating what is written in books and in his notebooks. That ends up making the child and his parents despair.

Most of the cases are children who have difficulty concentrating, but there are others who suffer from attention deficit and hyperactivity.
To help children concentrate better, we give you some ideas in this video that we summarize here:

1. Ensures that the child sleeps well. Have moments of rest.

2. When you talk to the child, look into your eyes. Get him used to talking without looking to the sides and always keeping his eyes on yours.

3. When the child does his homework or chores at home, make sure that it is always in the same place, in the room, at the kitchen table, etc. But always be in a quiet place without the sounds of television or radio, toys, and no distractions.

4. That the children do the more complicated tasks at the beginning than at the end, but with the passage of time they will become disinterested and tired.

5. Ask the child to make a summary explaining everything he has done.

6. Play some activities with the children that can help them concentrate. For example, card games or the memory game. They are simple games but they will help the child to focus his attention more. There are video games that also help in these cases.

7. Nervous and restless children often have trouble concentrating. With these children, there is nothing better than patience to help them.

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Video: How to improve your childs attention span (August 2022).