The baby's list. What things are missing for the newborn

The baby's list. What things are missing for the newborn

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Although at first women think that nine months of pregnancy is a long time, it doesn't really last at all, they fly by. When they realize they are about to be a mom. So if you're a new mom, don't put off shopping for your baby at the last minute. Surely there are many things that you still have to buy to face the first days after delivery.

A curious book has come to my writing, Baby's list, which brings a guide so that mothers, especially new ones, know what to buy for their newborn. And not only that. There are also guidelines on how to choose and use everything your baby will need. And all the advice is made with a good dose of love and humor.

The author of the book, Esther Escapes Castro, you embarked on writing this guide when in your first pregnancy. She thought how useful it might be to have a complete list of all the items needed before her baby arrives. So he wrote down some detailed instructions on how to choose them and how to use them. It is worth reading.

Among many other things, La Baby listé talks about the things that you should take to the hospital and that you should buy in the last weeks of pregnancy, such as baby clothes, diapers, pacifiers, nursing bras, the stroller and the crib (or mini crib) for the little one. Having a thermometer, a sterilizer, a changing table and a bathtub at home is also important.

Among the things that you can buy once your baby is born, that is, you don't have to buy them before delivery, the book recommends a high chair, car seat, baby carrier, travel cot, etc. They are also things that friends and family can give your baby.

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