The caring gardener. I count on values ​​for children

The caring gardener. I count on values ​​for children

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The purpose of stories is not only to entertain children. They are also good transmitters of values ​​and great teachings, as in this case.

'The Kind Gardener' is a story with values ​​for children that will give the little ones a great lesson about the importance of respecting the elderly, and above all, not to judge by appearances. It is a story with many values, such as empathy, forgiveness or humility. Do not stop reading it to your children and talk with them about the importance of transmitting kindness through gestures of love.

At dawn, Alexander got up happy, he washed, had breakfast and went out to take care of the garden as every day. He liked his work and his garden was the most beautiful in the kingdom and very famous for the beautiful flowers that grew there. Alejandro knew the name of each one of them and the care they needed. He watered them, caressed them gently and talked, telling them a thousand and one stories of other flowers while he walked among them.

One morning while gently caring for an old red rose, she overheard some young jasmine talking:

- How old and pale she is!

- Have you seen how many wrinkles it has?

- Plus she's bent over.

- What a waste of time to pay so much attention!

Although Alejandro listened to the criticism of the jasmines, thinking that they were very young, he said nothing and continued with his work, andsaddened by what he had heard.

A few days later when he watered the old red rose and caressed the leaves on its stem lovingly, again, heard criticizing the jasmine:

- It's almost colorless!

- Its stem is fragile and fine.

- And he's lost his mind!

- Give him a good stomp!

And the saddened rose listened to him with great pain. This time the kind gardener he became very angry and said:

- Enough criticizing! Each wrinkle on its stem is a day of its life. The thorns are his sorrows, his petals joys. And its now dry leaves, all its wisdom. Do you think that you will always be beautiful? That you will always be fresh? That you will never grow older like the rose?

And turned to the flower and watered it with love to ease their pain.

At that time, the jasmine they realized how cruel they had been and, repentant, they apologized to the old red rose who, as she was older and very wise, did not take into account the criticisms of the young and he knew how to forget his harsh words living happily what was left of his life.

Since then, when the jasmines saw Alexander take care of the old flowers with such affection, they thought how kind and good that gardener was.

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