Why Older Sisters Get Fat Easier

Why Older Sisters Get Fat Easier

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It may not happen in your case, but in most homes, being the older sister implies good things and bad things. Among the good things, the privilege of new clothes, obtaining the exclusive attention of parents for a time ... And among the bad things, according to Swedish scientists, having to fight the rest of your life against the scale.

Yes, older sisters are more likely to gain weight. You know why? Scientists reveal a theory for why older sisters get fatter more easily. It is in your hands to believe it or not, of course.

According to this study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, the older sisters are 29% more likely to be overweight. Not only that, they also have a higher risk of obesity ... up to 40% more than their younger sisters! But why?

The scientists in charge of the study, once they came up with these alarming data on the propensity of the older sisters to be overweight, they went on to analyze the possible causes. In the end, the deduction led them to focus on the time of pregnancy. According to his theory, in the first pregnancy, the blood vessels are narrower. This causes more trouble for blood to flow to the uterus. However, in subsequent pregnancies, the blood vessels are wider, and the bloodstream that reaches the placenta, greater. Thus, the first-born would have less nutrients during its development than its later siblings. That is, the scientists who conducted the study suspect that the causes of the greater overweight of older daughters is nutritional deficiency during pregnancy. The study, curiously, focused on female offspring, although there are other large-scale studies that also claim that it occurs in the event that the first-born is a male child.

The study was actually based on the analysis of more than 27,000 overweight Swedish women. Not only did he discover the predisposition of first-borns to gain weight more easily. It is also related to height. According to these scientists, this same theory would explain why younger sisters tend to be taller than the elderly and have a lower risk of suffering hypertension in the future. According to this theory, the first child is more likely to have diabetes and high blood pressure in the future.

Even so, the same scientists who carried out this study, ask for caution, since the women who chose for the study, to analyze how their pregnancy was, were overweight, and they assure that this data cannot be 100% extensible to all the population.

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