Fight lack of appetite in pregnancy due to heat

Fight lack of appetite in pregnancy due to heat

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With the arrival of heat, there is usually an apathy that is aggravated in the case of pregnant women. This apathy is not only observed in the state of mind, since the heat makes physical activity, however minimal, less appealing, but also in a lack of appetite that can be problematic for the health of the mother and the baby. baby. How can you combat a lack of appetite in pregnancy due to heat?

To ensure a good supply of micronutrients in this situation, in which caloric needs are lower since less energy is consumed (energy is not required for physical activity since it is not carried out), high-quality dishes can be included in the diet. nutritional density. These meals provide a large number of essential nutrients in a low caloric volume, but also ensure that with the intake of a normal portion, you get everything that both the mother and the fetus need nutritionally.

Let's see some tips to improve the nutritional value of food, a way to combat the lack of appetite in pregnancy due to heat:

- The combination of legumes and carbohydrates increases the biological value of the protein, achieving an excellent supply of essential amino acids. Some suggestions are the lentils with rice, in a salad, more appetizing for the summer, the hummus with bread sticks, or the chickpeas with couscous, a typical Moroccan dish. If we also choose the whole grain versions of cereals, we get a better supply of vitamins and above all, fiber.

- The salads, as they contain fresh vegetables and / or fruits, they provide the maximum of vitamins and minerals, which could otherwise be lost, as with cooking. Salads are generally low in calories, but very fresh and appetizing in the summer, so if they become the basis of a pregnant woman's diet, it may be convenient to reinforce their caloric content with healthy fats. In this sense, nuts and seeds are ideal, since they also provide minerals and vitamins, especially fat-soluble, and fiber, very suitable to avoid constipation.

- Dressing salads can make them even more palatable, on the one hand, dressing them with lemon instead of vinegar increases the vitamins, since lemon juice is an important vitamin cocktail, and on the other hand, if dressing sauces based on yogurt are made, we add proteins and lactic acid bacteria to the dish which are very interesting for maintaining a healthy bacterial population in the gastrointestinal tract.

- Choose blue fish as salmon ensures an ideal supply of essential fatty acids, in addition, they can be seasoned with salad dressings, with all its benefits.

- To snack between meals, fruit is the best ally, sweet, full of vitamins and minerals and above all, moisturizing.

Do not forget hydration, always having water on hand to drink is essential to maintain body temperature without an excessive need for energy by the body.

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