Posture during natural childbirth

Posture during natural childbirth

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Most of the deliveries take place with the mother lying on a stretcher and her legs in stirrups, it is the delivery position most accepted by professionals. However, each time studies speak of the benefits of other postures both for the moment in which the delivery occurs and for the dilation phase, since they favor the descent of the baby through the birth canal.

The midwife or gynecologist will guide you at all times on the best position to adopt. During the dilation process, the heartbeat and the frequency of the contractions will be continuously recorded through a monitor.

In addition, the health personnel will perform, by vaginal examination, an examination to check how many centimeters you have dilated. If in this process, they allow it and you have not yet been administered epidural anesthesia, there are positions that help the baby to descend through the birth canal:

  • Standing: facilitates the descent of the baby, shortens the duration of labor and causes the stage of delivery earlier.
  • Walking: Along with the previous advantages, it helps to reduce the intensity of pain because the muscles relax.
  • Squatting: reduces dilation time and facilitates delivery. In some clinics they allow moms to perform the delivery in this position, since it also lets them see the moment of birth.

If you have already had an epidural, there are other positions you can adopt:

  • Lying on one side: facilitates the arrival of blood to the baby since it does not compress the blood vessels and reduces the tension on the perineum.
  • On knees: With the help of your dad or midwife, you could get on your knees and drop your body onto a pillow. The pressure on your back will be less and you will feel very comfortable.
  • Sitting: in this birthing position, the uterus falls forward and facilitates the flow of blood to the muscles

Nowadays, not all clinics let the mother decide the posture of childbirth. The policy of the center, the evolution of your particular case and the position that the baby has in the womb, will be the one that sets the tone, but more and more hospitals have elements that favor other positions such as dilation balls or multi-position beds that allow other ways to give birth.

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