What is the Ferber method to put the baby to sleep

What is the Ferber method to put the baby to sleep

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There are many methods of putting a baby to sleep: rock him gently, use lullabies, sing to him ... Put him very close to his chest, so that he hears the heartbeat ... But ... did you ever hear of the Ferber method?

We explain what is the Ferber method to put the baby to sleep, and most importantly: how to use it and what advantages and disadvantages it has. But first, here is a hint: it is the same method that Doctor Estivill applies.

Many parents desperate at their baby's insomnia, have tried everything: lullabies, stories, a relaxing bath, a late-night stroll in the stroller, white noise ... but this method, its defenders say, is the one that in the long run offers the best results, applied in babies from 5 months.

The objective of the Ferber method is none other than to teach the baby to fall asleep on its own, without external help. To do this, you need to establish a sleep routine. The method is very similar to the one proposed by the famous Dr Estivill. Parents are asked to leave their child only for short periods of time when requesting their presence to sleep. A controversial method that has divided parents: some reject it outright and others, however, praise its effectiveness.

The Ferber method, created by pediatrician Richard Ferber, is very similar to the Estivill method. Richard Ferber, by the way, directed the Children's Center for Sleep Disorders in Boston (USA). This famous pediatrician states that the baby often cannot fall asleep because he recognizes sleep as a physical discomfort and does not know how to cope with it. And ensures that the baby will learn to fall asleep only if a sleep routine is imposed. To achieve this, parents should practice these steps daily until the baby falls asleep without assistance:

1. When bedtime comes, the baby is laid down in the crib and the parents leave the room. The baby will surely cry.

2. After five minutes, the parents come and without taking him out of the crib, try to comfort him by explaining that they are very close and that he must sleep alone. After 3-4 minutes, they leave the room again.

3. If the baby continues crying, the parents will come again, but this time after 10 minutes, and they will repeat the previous step.

4. If the baby keeps crying, the parents will come after 15 minutes ...

5. If the baby still does not fall asleep, all the steps should be repeated from scratch.

These steps, according to the creator of this method, should be personalized according to each child and each circumstance. It is not logical, Richard Ferber argues, for a baby to be left to cry inconsolably for too long.

Many babies get used to this method, but for others, it is surely torture. (I imagine the baby crying because he needs the warmth of his parents' arms, because all he wants is to feel protected and loved in that moment of anguish).

Parents in favor of this method ensure that your baby's sleep is more balanced and they rest better since they sleep alone. Parents against reject the method because they consider it detrimental to the development of the bond between the baby and its parents.

Each baby is different, each child has specific needs. And their parents, who know them best, will be able to assess whether this method may be useful in their case ... or, on the contrary, end in a real disaster.

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