Girls imitate mothers. Such a mother such a daughter

Girls imitate mothers. Such a mother such a daughter

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Habits and customs of mothers that are imitated by their daughters


Girls imitate their mother in good and bad. One of the situations in which girls can imitate their mother and at the same time acquire a good and healthy habit is to practice meditation, an activity with many benefits for their health.

Girls imitate their mothers in almost all situations. When you have a mother who likes to practice sports or do gymnastics, it is normal for the girl to also awaken that same interest. An ideal time to stimulate physical exercise in the day to day of girls.

The advancement of new technologies has allowed many mothers to work from home, so it is normal for girls to always see their mothers on the computer. And of course, they will make them want to imitate their mothers working, or feel like a working woman, at some point.

It is not always a general rule, but mothers who are ballerinas or who like to dance usually have daughters who are also interested in dancing or ballet. It is a healthy activity that can be transmitted from mother to daughter, and that also brings many benefits for the back and posture of girls

There is nothing that fills a mother more with pleasure than seeing her daughter having fun with her. One of the activities that mothers like the most to share with their daughters is dressing up, sharing fantasies and imagination. We will no longer know who is imitating whom.

Girls are generally very curious and want to learn to do everything when they are little. If their mothers can do it, why can't they? One of the exciting activities for girls is to paint the wall of the house with their mother, be it in her room, a hallway or any other room in the house. The important thing is to follow your mother as a model.

Playing kitchen is one of the activities that arouses the most pleasure in children, especially in girls. If you like to cook and you want your daughter to also acquire that interest in cooking, invite her to cook with you. You will have fun and learn a lot, one with the other. Daughters often inherit a taste for cooking from their mothers.

Hula-hop is not practiced as much as it used to be by children. If one day you want your daughter to learn a game that you had fun with during your childhood, buy her a hoop and practice the Hula-hop. Besides exercising, this game is also a lot of fun.

Spending an afternoon or a time shopping with your daughter will be fun and very exciting for both of you. It is a good opportunity to know your tastes, to change opinions, to know each other more. Your daughter will love choosing her own clothes, with your help.

Playing 'I want to be like my mom' is healthy and a lot of fun for girls. One of the moments that girls most like to imitate their mothers is with makeup. They try to imitate their mother in how to use the lipstick, the shadow, how they comb their hair, etc.

There is nothing more tender and beautiful than seeing a girl taking care of her doll like a real baby. She cradles him in her arms, sings a lullaby, kisses him, and even bathes or feeds him, imitating his mother with a baby. Playing to be a mother is one of the activities that girls like the most.

Yoga practice can be a good time to share with your daughter. They are postures that will arouse her attention and that is why she will want to imitate them. Teach your daughter some simple poses so that she too can enjoy the benefits of this age-old activity

At some point in your daughter's childhood, you will be surprised when you find her walking around the house wearing one of her shoes or sandals with heels. It is one of the customs that most girls imitate from their mothers. The curiosity to feel older makes girls want to wear everything their mothers wear, heels, necklaces, etc.

With the coexistence, the girls, who are very observant and curious, end up absorbing and adopting some postures and activities of their mothers, even when helping them to clean the house, the bathroom, the kitchen, etc. They want to learn everything, and it has to be the same way as their mother.

The example of parents is what teaches children the most. There are mothers who have the habit of reading and keeping up with the latest news, and that is why they always reserve a moment a day to read a newspaper or magazine. Well that is a good habit to be followed by daughters. While encouraging your reading, this custom will also keep you up to date.

As children, girls often play to imitate their mothers to learn and experience situations of older people. One of the fun circumstances that a girl likes the most is accompanying her mother to the hairdresser or having her mother put curlers in her hair at home. An ancient custom that girls love to play with.

Daughters imitate their mothers in almost everything. One of the situations that he usually likes is when his mother gets on the phone to talk with friends, or ask for a medical appointment, or chat with his family. Well, girls love to play to be older and to be or feel autonomous with their phone.

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