Margarita the turtle. Stories in verse for children

Margarita the turtle. Stories in verse for children

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If you are looking for new stories to read to your children, we suggest Margarita the turtle, an original story in verse for children scored by Marisa Alonso Santamaría when we have the information. It is a story in the form of a poem that also conveys a beautiful message to children.

Margarita the turtle is about the importance of helping others, a message that you can discuss with your children. And it is that through stories and poetry, children learn and grow.

Walking through the woods

without being in a hurry,

he walks very slowly,

Margarita the turtle.

Not too far have you heard,

a groan of pain,

slowly turns around

looking around.

Between some leaves it appears,

shaking a little head,

looks very badly hurt

the little stork.

What happened to you little one?

Margarita asks him.

that your beak is broken,

and blood on a paw.

I was inside the nest

waiting for my mom,

who went out to look for food

and branches to play with.

Suddenly a strong wind

like a gale,

threw my nest from the tree,

and here I have come to stop.

My mother very worried

already looking for me will be,

Well, you know I'm small

And I still haven't learned to fly

Don't be scared, "he said then,"

I will take you to heal,

your mother will be very close,

he will surely find you.

Meanwhile, the tired mom,

flying all over the sky,

can't find her little stork

and feels great grief.

Suddenly he heard voices

that have caught your attention.

her little stork calls her

he has known his voice.

He came down from the sky flying

feeling great emotion

Your stork is alive!

with his feathers he embraced her.

Margarita very happy

excitedly looks at them,

they do not stop pampering,

with their beaks caress each other.

Thank you very much Margarita

we will not forget your help,

and they walked away happy

saying goodbye to the turtle.

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