Jealousy of the first child for the arrival of the second

Jealousy of the first child for the arrival of the second

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The issue of jealousy between siblings awakens a certain tenderness and respect in me. Having siblings is very rewarding, although sometimes it is very difficult for the first child to assimilate that now he will have to share his "crown" at home with his little brother, since now will have to divide the care and affection of his parents and in some cases your room, toys, time, and just about everything. It should not be easy for the first one.

There is nothing more beneficial than putting one in the other's shoes. If your child is jealous of the baby that just arrived, the best thing will be to put yourself in their place. It will surely give you some grief, especially when it comes to a still young child.

The other day I was able to attend one of my favorite television series, a situation in which the parents of a 6-year-old girl came home with the new baby in the family. The girl's reaction was immediate. He refused to meet the little boy, even to have to look at him. He was sad in a corner of his room because all the attention was for the little one. That altered her dream and she began to be afraid of the dark, to want to sleep in her parents' bed, to not want to go to school, and when her mother had the little one in her arms and on her lap, the girl sought support in her Dad, in an almost suffocating way.

Right now the mother, with so many chores, you are often unaware of what is happening to your older son or daughter. In the series the father realizes what is happening with his daughter, and talks to the mother. It turns out that they decide to buy a gift for the baby to give to his sister. Bad idea, since the girl abandons the doll they gave her.

What was positive was talking with the girl. They made her understand that her attitude was wrong, that she had a lot to teach her little brother, and participate in his care, and they tried to get the girl's life back on its way before the little brother's arrival.

It's not just about controlling the jealousy of the eldest son, the ideal would be to prepare him before, from the pregnancy, for the arrival of his little brother, seeking not to leave him aside and always responding to his needs. It takes a lot of understanding and patience at this stage. Little by little, the child will recognize and accept the new situation, realizing that the changes are good, and that the "crown" does not belong to just one person, but to the whole family.

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