Stop working to dedicate yourself to raising children or not, what to do?

Stop working to dedicate yourself to raising children or not, what to do?

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Every day I hear more mothers that even with the financial complication that it can mean for the family, they wonder if stop working to dedicate yourself to raising children. I myself went through that questioning countless times when my children were younger and I also fantasized about being able to become independent so I would not have to meet rigid schedules that were so distressing when I had to go out to take the children to the doctor for an extracurricular activity.

However, today that they grew up and I was able to overcome that most complicated stage, I think it was a good decision to continue working and I want to share my points of view moms who sit between a rock and a hard place right now.

- In the first place, life expectancy increased and in fact almost doubled in a few generations and today when our children have grown up and do not even give us the time, we still feel strong and energetic. We have a lot to give and probably if we don't have a job we will feel empty.

- On the other hand, society should not lose our talents. And we should not miss the feeling of happiness and well-being that comes from doing something for the rest by exercising our abilities.

- I also consider that there is generally a situation of abuse of power, however subtle it may be, when the man is the only provider.

- And finally, because it is too great a burden for the children, to feel that we are at home only for them.

The latest research shows that children raised by parents who work and both share chores perform even better than with one parent at home and that the fact that the mother works forces a more involved father, which benefits both the man and the to the children. In the book Getting to 50 50 they point out that the whole family benefits from shared parenting, where the father is more emotionally involved with his children and the balance of the couple is healthier.

The important thing is to connect with yourself to discover your own truth about motherhood. Osho says that the difference between scientific and truly spiritual truth is that the former is social and the latter individual. This means that once there is a scientific discovery that is taken as valid, everyone accepts it, incorporates it and the following generations build knowledge from that truth. But spiritual truth is unique, each person must discover it for himself through a deep process that never ends and that is impossible to transmit in an absolute way.

And I think that with motherhood it is more or less the same. There is no one way to be a mother, it is not better to stay home and postpone professional development, nor is it better to work outside. There is a way that works for each and every family. Finding it is a challenge. But it is in individual solutions that human diversity is manifested and that is the secret complex of existence.

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