What is happiness for children

What is happiness for children

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What is happiness for children ?: 'When you get someone you get along with very well, be your friend.' This is one of the answers that the children of a school gave when they were asked.

The answers of these little philosophers of life serve to realize that the material is hardly important in their lives. Happiness has no form and cannot be bought. Happiness often glides invisible before our eyes. It is an instant, a feeling, a passing moment that leaves a deep mark without us noticing.

Immaterial and ephemeral, happiness is for children a feeling that fills them with emotion, nervousness and exaltation. It is a racing heartbeat, an achievement, a conquest .... Here are some of the answers that children often give to the great question: What is happiness?

- 'When you make a friend'.

- 'When after losing three weeks in a row playing football, you finally win.'

- 'When the teacher gives you an A'.

- 'When my grandparents come to see me and play with me'.

- 'When you get up suddenly and see the gifts that the Magi brought you.'

- 'When you finally get the chrome that you lacked'.

- 'When they let you sleep at a friend's house'.

- 'When the most beautiful girl in the class smiles at me'.

- 'When my mother lets me watch my favorite series on TV'.

- 'Every time they let me eat chocolate'.

You see, to make your child happy you don't need to buy him the most expensive toy. You just have to spend time with him, play his favorite sport with him, let him spend great time with his friends, prepare an unexpected detail, give him constant kisses and hugs, support him in every failure, help him get up when he falls. Ask him, talk to him, let him talk about his dreams. Don't demand too much. Don't wait too long.

Maybe you can make your child happy by being firm but sharing moments of madness at the same time. Improvise, seek new experiences. Get excited with him with the first winter snowfall. Jump the waves, look for rays of sun between the leaves or savor a huge chocolate ice cream while you walk by his side. It doesn't take much. These are usually small details. And for you ... what is happiness?

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