Healthy sleeping habits for children

Healthy sleeping habits for children

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For our children to wake up clear, wanting to do things, to learn, to play and to 'have breakfast' the day ... they need getting enough hours of sleep at night and do it continuously. This joyful, bouncy, and energetic awakening is very characteristic of young children. But for this, we must get a healthy sleep habit.

We know that the tiredness, apathy, bad mood or tantrums of preschool children come hand in hand, most of the time, from states in which the child is hungry, ill or sleepy. The child will be very tired at the end of the day, but it will be very difficult for him to come and tell us: 'Mom, put me to bed'.

Generally, he will endure by banging his head against furniture or he will prefer to bring out that grumpy little monster that drives us crazy. So, we must recognize the symptoms of fatigue and make sure your night's sleep takes up eleven or thirteen hours a day.

Below we propose some suggestions collected from the book 'Super healthy monsters' by Valentin Fuster To develop healthy sleep patterns and make bedtime a pleasant time and an important part of your child's routine:

- Follow the routine of certain actions repeatedly so that they are predictable for the child: taking a bath, putting on pajamas and slippers, brushing teeth, peeing, reading a story ... they will give the child a feeling of comfort and security.

- Parents' voice is a good tool to dispose children to sleep: a song, a prayer, a story repeated every day can have a calming effect.

- Children love when an adult tells them a story out loud. In addition to relaxing and feeling accompanied, it enhances the taste for books and reading.

- All parents should spend some time talking with their children before going to bed. Children's Day is full of new experiences that you will be eager to share even if, depending on your age, we have to ask you.

- At bedtime all distractions in the room should be avoided: noise and light make sleeping difficult. For children who do not like complete darkness we can leave a low intensity night light on.

- The bed should be cozy, the blankets should not be too heavy and the sheets should not be too tight. A little kiss ... good night and happy dreams

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