Fluffy Easter bunny. Crafts with cotton

Fluffy Easter bunny. Crafts with cotton

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Look at what a cute Easter bunny we have made. But they are not! We will tell you how we have managed to create this cute look in just a few steps.

On our site we teach you how to create an Easter bunny with Styrofoam and cotton balls. It is a craft for Easter, very easy to make and ideal for having a good time with the family. Shall we start?


  • 2 polystyrene balls
  • 1 polystyrene egg
  • Eva rubber
  • Pins
  • Plastic eyes
  • Pens
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Nail polish

1. Glue the two polystyrene balls to each other and then impregnate them with white glue to be able to put pieces of cotton little by little. Don't forget to trim the excess so that the bunny's hair is even.

2. Now, glue the plastic eyes and a piece of cotton behind as a tail.

3. Cut out two triangles of eva rubber of different colors and one larger than the other. Glue them together at the base and then pass a pin so that you can prick it on the rabbit's head. It will be your ears.

4. To give it a very special touch, we will glue some nibs at the base and cut out some little feet and a pink eva rubber nose. Oh and we'll paint her nails red!

5. Following the method we have used to make this bunny, we will also make a few Easter eggs. Put them in a box, decorate with feathers and ... voila!

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