Children's books suitable for each child's age

Children's books suitable for each child's age

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Books, like toys, also follow a child's age orientation. If you give a 3-year-old a book without illustrations, for example, he will probably not be interested. A book that is not suited to the interests of the child's age can take away the desire and pleasure of reading or browsing a book.

You should never force a child to read something that he does not like, as it will demotivate him and may even stop reading. Let him choose the book he wants and little by little the worm will open for the fascinating world of reading. And you will surely ask: How should the books be for my child's age?

Knowing how to choose or give a book to a child is something that worries all parents. For this reason, our site offers us a series of recommendations on the most recommended books according to each age of the children:

The younger children are, the more they should have books rich in pictures and illustrations. Also, that they have resources so that reading is not boring, and enthusiastic. For the child to visualize what he is hearing or reading. You can start with booklets of 5 pages up to 30 pages.

It is necessary, at these ages, to diversify the topics to go, little by little, knowing the preferences of the child. Start with life stories, preferably short ones, then introduce more technical books on topics like the human body, or historical ones like the Bible, or learning like dictionaries. The material must also be varied. Start with cloth books, or plastic (for bath time), and always with a hard sheet, to prevent them from being cut when looking at them.

From the age of six, the child begins to be interested in other types of books. At this age children are more interested in books rich in adventure stories, magic, dragons, and mysteries. The illustration still attracts the child at these ages, in fact, it is what motivates them the most, imagining the scene of their reading.

They can now read books with more texts, and that talk about more complex situations and characters. You can introduce books with chapters, so that there is always something of a surprise for the next day. At these ages, if your child likes to write, give him a journal so that he can develop his literary and emotional side.

They can be books with more than 100 pages. The illustrations begin to disappear allowing space for the child's imagination. At these ages, children already understand almost all words and situations. And they will surely already have their favorite reading topics. Now they can hardly be encouraged in this regard.

Most of the books that our children read at this age are the ones that are sent to them at school, however, this should not separate the child from the books he really chooses, that he does not feel reading as an obligation, but as a habit that he will acquire and that will end up becoming a hobby. Take your children into the fascinating world of reading! They will love it!

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