Baby's first words: Mom, Dad, water ...

Baby's first words: Mom, Dad, water ...

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There are children who can speak quickly and "by the elbows" since they are very young, and others who reach the first year of life without saying anything, not even "peep". And even if parents worry, there is nothing to do. Each child is unique also in his awakening of speech. When it comes to language development, each child is a case, and there should not be comparisons or high expectations, although stimulation can be used.

Of course the parameters exist. They are the criteria and measures established by medicine to identify whether a baby is healthy and "normal" or suffers from a delay in its maturational development. Some monthly checkups of babies include this evaluation. There are parameters for a baby to be able to hold his head, take his first steps, gain weight, stay standing, and also emit vocalizations and words.

Normally, babies start saying mommy, daddy and water, at most until they are 18 months old. Before, in general, they only emit vocalizations with the letters "a", "or", and they begin to say "ajó" or "aghus". Ideally, at two years of age, the baby should already develop two-word phrases such as "I want water", "I want baby." And between 3 and 5 years old, he will be able to learn nursery rhymes, to tell and comment on situations he has experienced, to express what he likes and what he doesn't. The important thing in the first years of a baby's life is stimulation.

It is necessary to be attentive to the evolution of children's language, maintaining communication and a close affective bond with him. When it is noticed that a baby at 18 months cannot say mom, dad, or water, and that he is not able to move independently, it is advisable to seek medical guidance from a speech therapist. The causes may be related to a neurological condition, or to a lack of external stimulation.

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