The merry-go-round. Fun poetry to learn while playing

The merry-go-round. Fun poetry to learn while playing

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The merry-go-round is an original poetry by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that, in addition to entertaining and entertaining children, will help them learn a lot of things: rhyming, different names of people, what a carousel is like, about different animals ...

And it is that, poems help children understand the world that surrounds them without realizing it, in a playful way. On our site we love to bring poetry to children.

In the city where I live

there is a nice merry-go-round,

it's full of animals

bright colors.

I'm making up a game

which is fun,

to all the animals

I put known names.

To the tigress Teresa,

my table companion,

to the lioness Ramona,

Simona called the monkey.

Turn a little mouse

I have called him Melitón,

is the name of my grandfather

and an uncle from Alcorcón.


like my cousin Isabel,

the turtle with a shirt

It bears my name, Marisa.

Round and round a bear goes

I have named him Don Sinforoso,

he is a priest of my parish

and it is also very sweet.

To the bird, which is a parrot,

I have called him Teodoro,

is my neighbor on the fifth,

one day he found a treasure.

To the ostrich Mari Luz,

I also know Cruz.

To the pig and the hen,

Don Roberto and Catalina.

There is a dwarf elephant

I have named this one Mariano,

he is my piano teacher

though his hands shake.

Finally there is a frog,

and I decide to put Ana,

is my favorite name

because my sister is wearing it.

They all go round and round

they all turn at the same time,

all these animals

they form this carousel.

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