Kids Science Experiment Videos with Candles

Kids Science Experiment Videos with Candles

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In We show you how with a simple candle we can teach children various scientific principles. We teach you to create fun science experiments to learn while playing.

Do you think you can light a candle from a distance? Or blow out a candle without blowing out? With these science experiments for children we show you how to do it. But do not forget that when dealing with experiments related to fire, they must be supervised by an adult.

Here are several videos with which your children can learn what happens with a candle in certain situations.

Oil candle. Candle made in an orange. Now you can decorate your terrace with this simple orange candle. Learn how to do it with your children. It will be an interesting activity to share with the family.

Blow out a candle without blowing out. Discover with this experiment for the whole family how you can extinguish some candles without blowing and at a distance, with a chemical reaction. You can surprise your children and their friends by doing this trick and learn the basics of science. Very funny.

Which candle goes out first. Experiment to do with the whole family. If we put three lit candles of different sizes in a jar, which candle do you think will go out first. our site offers videos with experiments of different materials for children.

Swinging candle. Have you ever seen a candle swing? Do this experiment and learn with your children. Do you think that when swinging the sail will stop or will it go faster and faster? Discover it with your children this experiment with very simple materials.

Light a candle from a distance. How to light a candle from a distance. Surprise your children with this experiment with a candle that looks like a magic trick. Amaze them and leave them all speechless by lighting a fire from a distance. our site recommends this video to you.

How to raise the water. How you can raise the water level with a candle. Do you dare to do this experiment with your children? Discover the secrets of physics and science with the whole family. On our site we have many experiments for children in videos and step by step.

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