Beware of hypersexuality or eroticization of childhood

Beware of hypersexuality or eroticization of childhood

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It is not unusual to browse the Internet, look at a magazine or use social networks and find photographs or advertisements showing girls with makeup. combed, dressed and adopting "sexy" positions as if it were an adult woman.

In recent decades, many prestigious companies have used this resource to capture the attention of users. So, surely all of us have seen a photograph or advertisement in which boys or girls appear playing a role that does not correspond to their age.

This trend, which has been growing in recent decades, is an act that draws the attention of adults but clearly acts against the rights of children.

The most disconcerting thing about this situation is that despite the fact that these types of acts have been denounced on numerous occasions, by professionals such as psychologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, educators and various consumer organizations, it is not stopped but on the contrary it seems that the trend to promote an eroticized or hypersexualized image of childhood is on the rise.

Unfortunately, the stage of childhood today seems to have a much shorter duration than that corresponding to this period. And, children's concerns increasingly resemble those of teenagers. The transition from childhood to adolescence is increasingly accelerated.

Adults have the responsibility to encourage children to enjoy their childhood by promoting that they have fun, play, explore, discover and learn from everything that surrounds them. Everything else is part of the adult world and it is not up to children to live it or be part of it.

The main victims of this trend are mostly girls. Hypersexuality or eroticisation in childhood implies that girls play roles and manifest inappropriate behaviors which are a reflection of the early introduction of girls into something as characteristic of adulthood as sexuality.

This phenomenon has consequences on the psychological well-being of children. We cannot pretend to shorten childhood and for children to grow up before their time. They do not have the physical or emotional maturity to assume a role that does not correspond to them in a rush.

It is everyone's responsibility not to make children adults before they should. We hope that this post about the eroticization of childhood serves to raise awareness and sensitize the population about this trend that currently continues to increase.

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