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Big Momma's House 2

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This sequel to Big Momma's House (2000) finds FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) confined to a desk job in FBI public relations, presenting safety lectures to primary school children. When Malcolm's ex- partner from the original Big Momma film is murdered, and Malcolm is refused the right to investigate the murder, he decides to take two-weeks leave to investigate the murder on his own. Malcolm tells his pregnant wife Sherrie (Nia Long) that he has to go out of town to a work-related convention. He packs his Big Momma costume and heads off in to investigate the murder.

Malcolm discovers that a deadly new computer program known as the 'worm' is being developed, with the intention of accessing secret government files. At the centre of his murder investigation is computer expert Tom Fuller (Mark Moses). Tom and his wife Leah (Emily Procter) are in need of a nanny to look after their three children. Donning the disguise of Big Momma, Malcolm wins the position of nanny to the dysfunctional Fuller family and immediately begins to bond with the neglected and troubled children: 15-year-old Molly has low-self esteem and is na?ve when it comes to the opposite sex; 11-year-old Karri is desperate to gain her father's attention, and 3-year-old Andrew does belly whackers from the top of the highest cupboards and is not yet able to speak.

In the meantime, Malcolm/Big Momma discovers that Tom has been working with a young computer hacker and that the worm is now complete and ready to hand over the real bad guys of the film, a number of mean looking characters who pretend to be working for Tom. Big Momma must stop the worm being handed over and protect the Fuller family from harm.




Big Momma's House 2 contains infrequent low to medium-level violence, mostly at the end of the film. While the film's depiction of violence is at times threatening and somewhat brutal, these images are infrequent and no graphic blood and gore is shown. Violent scenes include:

  • In the opening scene of the film there are sounds of gunshots, followed by the image of a dead body being dumped into the sea.
  • An intoxicated female senior citizen confronts Big Momma and accused her of stealing her man. The woman then physically threatens Big Momma and punches her in the face. An exchange of punches to the face follows and the intoxicated senior citizen is eventually knocked out.
  • Molly and Big Momma are abducted at gun point.
  • A bad guy holds a handgun to Tom's head, while threatening to kill him.
  • Big Momma rams a jet ski into the middle of a group of bad guys, knocking them flat on their backs.
  • Big Momma engages in a fistfight in which a series of hard hitting blows to the face and stomach are exchanged.
  • Big Momma knocks a bad guy unconscious by smashing him over the head with a piece of wood.
  • Malcolm appears to have been shot, but is saved by the vast amount of padding required to make up his disguise as Big Momma.

Content that may disturb children

Under 8

Younger children may be scared by some of the more brutal and threatening violence. Other than this, there are no visual images of concern.

From 8-13

Younger children in this age group may be scared by some of the violent scenes listed above.

Over 13

Children in this age group will not find any of the film's content scary or threatening.

Sexual references

The film contains several sexual references, usually made in a comic context. Many of the sexual references are aimed at an adult audience and use specific cultural slang. Sexual references include:

  • Perk D'S (referring to breasts)
  • Butt naked and butter ball
  • Naked pictures of Billy D
  • 'Boys of that age want only one thing, and it ain't meaningful conversation.'
  • Malcolm says to his wife, 'You were naked when most of those promises were made'.
  • A female dancer rubs her leg erotically against Big Momma's leg. Big Momma says, 'Excuse me that's my leg you are humping'.
  • 'And now I'm going to get VD' - the abbreviation refers to the term 'visual display' but is used as a sexual reference, with comic intent.
  • Big Momma describes how she has been sexually molested on a bus concluding the story with, 'That's one pervert who won't be playing the flute for a while'.
  • Big Momma refers to her falling bust line, 'Keeping these fun bags off the floor is a full time job'.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

  • An intoxicated female senior citizen abuses and then attacks Big Momma.
  • Big Momma cures the family dog's depression by filling the dog's drinking bowl with tequila.
  • During an interview with a prospective nanny, Big Momma suggests to Mrs Fuller that the applicant is a cannabis user, indicating that the dark stain on the woman's fingers are the result of using a 'roach clip' (device for smoking cannabis cigarettes). Big Momma then sings a Bob Marley song that refers to passing around a cannabis cigarette.

Nudity and sexual activity

  • Victoria's Secret lingerie models parade around a spa wearing sexy lingerie.
  • A model asks Big Momma to unclasp the front of her bra, pushing her breasts together to make it easier for Big Momma.
  • Big Momma accidentally rips the bikini bras off two model-like women walking along the beachfront. The two women quickly cover their naked breasts with their hands.

Product placement

Victoria's Secret lingerie is referenced during the movie.

Coarse language

The movie contains some very occasional mild coarse language and put-downs.

Ideas to discuss with your children

Big Momma's House 2 is an action comedy which is little more than a series of barely related skits in which Martin Lawrence, dressed as a fat African American senior citizen, is placed in a number of ridiculous situations. The film's drug and sexual references are specifically targeted at an adult audience. Some people could be offended by the idea of making old, fat African American women appear ridiculous.

Big Momma helps each of the children deal with their problems and turns a dysfunctional family into a loving and caring one. You could discuss with your child, particularly how each of the three children were able to overcome their problems. You might also like to talk about the real-life danger, such as serious injury and hospitalisation, from jumping off the tops of cupboards and landing on your face.