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Diana is a biopic of Diana Princess of Wales (Naomi Watts) based on Kate Snell's book Diana: Her Last Love. The movie spans the final two years of Diana's life, a period that was largely kept under wraps from the British and world media.

The movie tells the story of how Diana meets neurosurgeon Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews) after her divorce from Prince Charles. Khan falls unexpectedly for the most 'loved woman on the planet'. They have a passionate love affair despite the obstacles of family, duty and the public limelight. Their idyllic love is challenged when Khan begins to shun the public and the media intrusion on his normally private existence.


Divorce; children as victims of land mines; death


Diana has some violence. For example:

  • Khan and Diana have a verbal argument. Diana runs off distressed.
  • The movie refers to Diana's death in a car crash. The movie doesn't show the death, but it does show images of the nation grieving afterwards.
  • The media aggressively pursue Diana and Khan.
  • Scenes show the effects of landmines on children and families in war-torn countries, including children with limbs missing. There is a child aged 3-4 years with a limb missing, a baby with a limb missing, and a small boy with a limb missing, who kisses and cuddles Diana.

Content that may disturb children

Under 5

In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, Diana has some scenes that could scare or disturb children aged under five years. For example:

  • Khan is frustrated and angry, and we hear some swearing.
  • Diana has an acupuncture session and the scene shows her with acupuncture needles in her back.

From 5-8

Children in this age group might also be upset by the scenes mentioned above.

From 8-13

Children in this age group might be disturbed by the sight of children with limbs missing as a result of landmine injuries and by Diana's death.

Over 13

There are no scenes in Diana that are likely to scare or disturb children in this age group.

Sexual references

Diana has many sexual references. For example:

  • Khan and Diana flirt with each other. Diana asks Khan to contact her and come for dinner.
  • The movie refers to Prince Charles having an affair with Camilla.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

Diana shows some use of substances. For example:

  • Khan smokes in many scenes.
  • Diana and Khan often drink wine, at events and in private. They share two bottles of wine during one date and seem to be a bit drunk.

Nudity and sexual activity

Diana shows some nudity and sexual activity. For example:

  • There are sex scenes between Khan and Diana. The characters are shown partially nude, partly covered by sheets. They kiss and make sexual movements.
  • Scenes show Khan in various states of partial nudity. One scene shows his bare torso, and another shows his buttocks.

Product placement

The following products are displayed or used in Diana: Puma; John Broadwood and Sons pianos; Caltrose; Volvo; Chanel; Audi; Mercedes; Toyota; Burger King; and Lacoste.

Coarse language

Diana has some coarse language.

Ideas to discuss with your children

Diana tells the story of Princess Diana's final two years, during which she meets and falls in love with neurosurgeon Hasnat Khan. The movie is made for an adult audience, with themes, scenes and language that make it unsuitable for children aged under 14 years. It also lacks interest for younger children.

The main messages from this movie are about love and its challenges.

Values in this movie that you could reinforce with older children include:

  • being true to yourself
  • keeping some things private.

Issues that you could talk about with older children include:

  • the position of someone like Diana, who marries into royalty
  • landmines and their impact on children and families.